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Football 'Crootin Roundup is dunking

Mike is on vacation in Australia or something, so I'm back to doing roundups for a week or two.

"Get out of my house"
"Get out of my house"

Mike is on vacation in Australia or something, so I'm back to doing roundups for a week or two.

Given Signing Day was last week, it's all about 2014 recruits now, and it all starts with Tuesday's basketball game.

Brady Hoke and Greg Mattison coincidentally showed up while MSU had a number of football recruits there. NCAA rules prevent the U-M coaches from talking to them, but an appearance is an appearance. Given how the game went, did the appearance matter? Who knows.

Four-star Detroit DE Malik McDowell:

Southfield defensive end Lawrence Marshall committed to Ohio State on Sunday, but that didn't last long. He was at the MSU hoops game, then Michigan the next day, then....

Stop committing if you're not, you know, committed, kids. Before his OSU commitment, MSU was in pretty good position with him, and it appears that remains the case.

At the game, there was a "We Want Drake" chant, as well as one for Marshall. Harris continues to receive offers, with Cal, Nebraska and Kentucky the latest. Someone threw a Michigan shirt into the recruit section, but Lawrence Thomas threw it to the Izzone, who ripped it to shreds.

Needless to say, Tuesday's game was a very positive experience for MSU.


Kizer has a favorite (Rivals) - 2014 four-star Ohio quarterback DeShone Kizer lists MSU as the favorite, as they've shown the most interest. Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, Rutgers and Louisville are also in the picture, and Ohio State would be if they offer. There's balance between being completely comfortable with a decision and knowing you might have to beat other recruits to commit.

"Now it is whether I will be able to get out to other schools and if those guys can catch up to Michigan State. Being a quarterback, it is kind of a race. Most schools are only taking one guy [per class], and schools like Michigan State and North Carolina have put out more than three offers. All those guys are probably thinking the same thing I am... who's going to commit first?"

In-state juniors stand out at Midwest Elite Big Man Camp (Rivals) - Given MSU needs a few offensive linemen in the 2014 class, this was a notable event.

Gianacakos impressed with Sparty (Rivals) - Illinois offensive lineman Chase Gianacakos was one of the recruits at MSU on Tuesday at Wednesday and had a real good time.