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Photo of the Week: Jenison Field House dedication vs. Michigan (1941)

MSU Archives

This photograph shows a long shot of the University of Michigan vs. MSU dedication game. The text on the back reads: "Kerbawy says 1941 dedication game - check
Illus #61 of Phys Ed. In USA
Note: Witnessed by 11,000 spectators
Photo from K.J. McCristol {Physical Education for Men Dept.)."

Physical Education for Men Department!

Jenison Field House opened up in 1940 with a 29-20 win over Tennesee, so I'm not sure which year this photo is from, since it says it's the dedication. (Plus the "check" in the description)

On Jan. 20, 1940, MSC lost to Michigan 32-27. On Feb. 12, 1941, MSC beat Michigan 35-32.

Big game on Tuesday, but first, there are big games for both on Saturday.

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