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Searching for the Izzone Pope

As the world awaits a new Pope, Spartans wonder what happened to their spiritual leader.


I was watching CNN today as the world awaits a new Pope.

As the black smoke came out, I was reminded about the Pope character who used to be a regular member of the Izzone. I remember the fantastic costume from my freshman year (2007-08), but I believe he was gone after that season. So, what happened to him?

I expressed my sadness on Twitter.

Then, an answer from His Holiness!

If you view Pope's profile, you see his previous tweet came 1,336 days ago. That's a vow of silence of more than three years broken just to update me. I am honored.

It's great to know he has returned, but I would still like to see the Pope costume at more games, especially since there isn't a real Pope right now. But it is not my decision.

Maybe Izzone Pope can be the real Pope?

We'll have to wait for the green and white smoke.