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Big Ten Tournament Day 1 Open Thread

Andy Lyons

The Big Ten Tournament begins in Chicago today.

The day starts with (8) Illinois vs. (9) Minnesota at noon ET. The winner will face (1) Indiana on Friday.

25 minutes after the end of that game (probably around 2:45 p.m.), (5) Michigan takes on (12) Penn State. The winner will face (4) Wisconsin on Friday.

At 6:30 p.m., (7) Purdue takes on (10) Nebraska. The winner will face (2) Ohio State on Friday.

The final game of the day is (6) Iowa vs. (11) Northwestern 25 minutes after the previous game (probably around 9 p.m.) The winner will face (3) MSU on Friday.

My picks: Minnesota, Michigan, Purdue and Iowa.

Your bracket is here, and this is your open thread.