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Michigan State to face Duke in Sweet 16

It's on.

Patrick McDermott

Duke defeated Creighton 66-50 late Sunday night, resulting in a matchup between the Blue Devils and MSU in the Sweet 16 in Indianapolis on Friday at 9:45 p.m.

Tom Izzo is 1-6 all-time against Mike Krzyzewski, including 1-1 in the NCAA Tournament. The most-recent NCAA Tournament matchup was an MSU win in the 2005 Sweet 16. The Spartans would reach the Final Four that year.

My first thought on the matchups is that both teams may have trouble scoring inside. Entering Sunday, Duke was No. 3 in adjO and No. 29 in adjD. The Blue Devils are No. 245 in offensive rebounding and No. 215 in defensive rebounding, so MSU will have to win the glass, and hope Duke doesn't have one of those games where they hit a ton of 3s.

We'll have more preview stuff leading up to Friday.