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Photo of the Week: Softball players check out Sparty (1944)

MSU Archives

Three softball players check on Sparty as he is being sculpted. Typed on attached paper, "From the Dept. of Publications Michigan State College. For release Sunday, June 25, 1944. Three Michigan State college softball players on their way from the diamond stop to view the progress Sculptor Leonard Jungwirth, of the college art department, is making on his heroic-sized statue of the Spartan, symbolic warrior of old Greece for whom MSC athletic teams are named, which will be the central figure of a postwar athletic memorial at the college. The women are: Doreen Koebel, Detroit, with bat, Nancy Knowlton, Rickford, seated, and Mary Marshall, East Lansing. Now modeled in clay, the 11 1/2 foot Spartan eventually will be cast in terra cotta. Surrounding it at the base in relief sculpture on a five-foot pedestal will be a football, basketball, track man and other players representing the various major sports."

He's so handsome.

This current statue is in the atrium on the west side of Spartan Stadium, replaced by a bronze replica in 2005 due to weathering.

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