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Poll: Football throwback jerseys?

Jonathan Daniel

I was just going through some old MSU football photos earlier today, and I saw one of Brandon Long sacking Jimmy Clausen in 2008.

My first thought was that the 2007-09 jersey look was solid. It was a throwback-esque look that symbolized the program going back to the old style under new coach Mark Dantonio.

Then I thought, what if MSU wore a throwback uniform once a year? It could wear the 07-09 jerseys with those 1966 throwback helmets used in the 2006 Notre Dame game.

MSU hockey wears throwback jerseys, and it really is close to the look from a few years ago. Baseball is wearing a throwback on Sunday home games. Basketball has worn 1979 and MAC throwbacks in the past (but not enough recently).

But what if football use this look? It could be once, it could be once a year. Would you like to see it at all? Take the poll and leave your comments below.

I do like the current look with the three jerseys, and I'm fine with the department-wide rebranding, but that 07-09 football look was classic, in my opinion, and I'd love to see it again.