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Does the Spring Game draft tell us anything?


MSU's spring game format has always been one of the more interesting ones.

The seniors are split into two teams, and they draft the rest of the players, going a position at a time.

Sometimes, these drafts are telling, like when Kirk Cousins went ahead of Nick Foles in 2008 and then ahead of Keith Nichol in 2009. Then when Le'Veon Bell was picked ahead of Edwin Baker in 2010 and 2011.

They're not always right, but it's a good look into how players are performing in spring and who could be a surprise.

So how did the positions break down Wednesday afternoon?

Here's the order of some notable selections, per Rexrode:

No. 3, Green got this pick as well and took Riley Bullough to carry the ball. Green took Jeremy Langford, White got Nick Hill, Green got Nick Tompkins.

No. 4, White took Shilique Calhoun at defensive end ahead of returning starter Marcus Rush. White took Rush, and he was followed by Joel Heath and Jamal Lyles.

No. 7, Green took Lawrence Thomas at tackle, White took James Kittredge, Green went Mark Scarpinato, White went Damon Knox, finished out by Brandon Clemons and David Fennell.

No. 8, the receiver run as mentioned above -- Mumphery, Burbridge, Troup, Lippett, Jakubik, Kings, Madaris, Arnett, Matt Macksood, Tres Barksdale, Kyle Kerrick. And we found out Andre Sims Jr. also is hurt.

White took Connor Cook in the final round (Andrew Maxwell is a senior on Green). Tyler O'Connor will play on both teams.

Injured players include Denicos Allen, Darqueze Dennard, Dan France, Isaiah Lewis, Jack Allen, Kyle Artinian, Skyler Burkland, Michael Dennis, Ed Davis and Niko Palazeti.

So, what's notable in the draft?

Well, Riley Bullough really does appear to be the best option at running back among current players. I imagine R.J. Shelton and Gerald Holmes will contend as incoming freshmen. Also, Jeremy Langford ahead of Nick Hill is interesting. Is Hill on his last legs as a starting option?

At defensive end, Shilique Calhoun ahead of two-year starter Marcus Rush is interesting. It would appear to back up the hype from the coaches.

At defensive tackle, Tyler Hoover and Micajah Reynolds are seniors, and the selection of Lawrence Thomas as No. 1 would appear to show us he's performing well while finally in the right position.

At receiver.... well....

I think the action by the players shows that Arnett just isn't ready right now. Troup has apparently had a big spring, and it has been backed up in the draft.

The spring game is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. on Big Ten Network. We'll probably have some sort of spring preview up on Friday. Hope for good weather.

Also, College Gameday will be at MSU tomorrow (in Duffy, not open to the public) previewing the Spartans. There will be Sportscenter cut-ins and College Football Live will broadcast from there. So that's cool.