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Photo of the Week: Dorm life (1901)

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MSU Archives

This photograph shows several males having a good time together in the dormitory hall. The text on the back of the photograph reads, " Midnight Apread, H. Meek '05, E. Searing '02, F. Phillips '03, J. Haftenkamp '05, J.H Proest '04, R.T Stevens '05, D. Skeels '04, M. Barrows w'04, Dennis Smith '02, L. Carrier '02, and Bush '04 (on floor). Room of Skeels and Bush, Abbot Hall, M.A.C., April 14, 1901. Kinton to .Stevens '06".

Better be quiet so the RA doesn't hear them.

(I know the picture says 1902 on it).

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