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2014 Big Ten schedule released

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

MSU may not love being in the B1G East, but they will like the 2014 football schedule.

Sept. 13: at Oregon
Sept. 20: vs. WYOMING
Oct. 4 : vs. NEBRASKA
Oct. 11: at Purdue
Oct. 18: at Indiana
Oct. 25: vs. MICHIGAN
Nov. 8: vs. OHIO STATE
Nov. 15: at Maryland
Nov. 22: vs. RUTGERS
Nov. 29: at Penn State

So, home B1G games against Nebraska, Michigan, Ohio State, Rutgers. Road games against Purdue, Indiana, Maryland and Penn State. Gotta like that for 2014. Though if you flip it for 2015, not as favorable. Also, the 2014 bye weeks are Week 2 and between Michigan and Ohio State. Again, gotta like that.

The home slate seems to alter between great (2012, 2014) and terrible (2013, 2015).

If you notice, the final six conference games are the divisional games. The Big Ten is trying to make the races more interesting down the stretch.

Also of note: MSU will be hosting Michigan back-to-back years in 2013 and 2014. It's the first time that has happened. (MSU played at U-M almost every time during the first 50ish years of the rivalry).

Overall, it's a very good B1G schedule for MSU, but Michigan should have a good team in 2014 and Ohio State is Ohio State. The East is quite tough. If MSU can split those two games, they should have a good shot.

You can look at the entire conference schedule here.