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Donate! - EDSBS Charity Bowl (UPDATE: RESULTS)

Beat Michigan.


**Final Update: MSU finished No. 10 in money given and No. 4 in total givers, and little was expected from us. Thanks to everyone who supported. Michigan won for the third year in a row, but like I said, it's for a good cause, and it blew past the goal of $20,000.


I'd normally just post the page from another SBN blog, but I don't think anyone wants a smiling Brady Hoke, so I'll make this its own post and use a smiling Dantonio.

Every Day Should Be Saturday is having its annual charity bowl, and the fine folks that make up the Michigan fanbase are defending champions. They're actually putting together a dynasty. You hate 'em on the field, but this is a good cause.

I'd like to see how the MSU fanbase/TOC community can do.


The time has come for the EDSBS Charity Bowl 2013. This is our annual version of the NPR pledge drive, except all the money goes to our favorite charity, Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Services of Atlanta, and we don't have any totebags for you.

WHAT IS RRISA? They are a resettlement agency that helps recently arrived refugees get their lives started in the Atlanta area. This includes helping them find work, getting their kids adjusted to American schools, and a slew of other things you probably don't even realize are involved in being a new American. You can read about their full mission here. You can also look at their full Guidestar rating here. They do good work, but don't take our word for it, and read for yourself before donating.

Their Facebook for the campaign is here, and their Twitter feed for the occasion is here. They're using the tag #RRISAEDSBS for the week, so that's a thing you might want to do.

WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME? The joy of taunting your rival charitably, first of all, since we encourage you to donate in the form of a score. For example, you might just chose the delightful total of $37.26 to donate to celebrate Florida mashing out the Seminoles with Big Dumb Will Muschamp Football this past November, or even $70.63 to exalt the single greatest game of last year, the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire In Morgantown between Baylor and West Virginia. Teams with zero defense are more charitable in this format by default, but don't let that limit your imagination. Just move the decimal point over, and celebrate Iowa's most Iowa victory forever with a donation of $64.00. (Viva 6-4!)

In addition to the simple joy of giving, we will have a few celebrity voicemails for those who make the biggest donation of the day. These are mystery guests, but rest assured you will receive a pleasant message from someone AUTHENTICALLY SLIGHTLY FAMOUS on your phone in exchange for your generosity.

HOW DO I DONATE? On RRISA's website, done up all pretty for just for this occasion. They even put a menu for school affiliation in there

The goal is $20,000, and the deadline is the 11th.

So go donate and make MSU/TOC look good.

Beat Michigan.

****UPDATE: We had a solid first day and earned a shoutout over at EDSBS. But the MGoBlogosphere is on and U-M is in the lead. (MSU was leading at the time). Anything you can give helps!

******UPDATE 2: Michigan is blowing past everyone, but MSU is No. 6 in money given and No. 3 in number of givers (No. 2 among actual schools). If you go by money given per person, MSU is actually only a few dollars behind U-M. Anything you can give helps a good cause and helps MSU fans look better.