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Linking Laconically is going pro in sports

Miss u
Miss u
Leon Halip

Kirk Cousins on the gay teammate question - NFC East Blog - ESPN

Cousins has an interesting mix of views. Good for him.

Former Michigan State OL Chris McDonald joins older brother, Nick, as New England free agent |

Chris talks about trying to make a pro career.

Redskins teammates tease Kirk Cousins about singing - Washington Post

From what we saw in the spring game. I thought it was impressive.

Draymond Green helps lead Golden State Warriors to NBA Playoff Game 2 win over San Antonio Spurs |

He started one game in the regular season, but started last night. He had five assists and seven rebounds.

Study: Michigan, MSU athletic departments in the black -- but still getting subsidies | Detroit Free Press |
Two of just 23 programs making a profit, but the details can be a little sketchy. Either way, Mark Hollis doing a good job on and off the field.

ESPN's Dick Vitale says: 'this might be the best team that Michigan State has ever had' |


Gary Harris: 'I feel like I made the best decision' to return to Michigan State | Detroit Free Press |

Talks about the decision to come back.