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EA Sports NCAA Football '14 team, top player ratings revealed

Kirk Irwin

The team ratings are out for EA Sports NCAA Football '14, and MSU is given quite a bit of love.

MSU is a 91 overall, 90 on offense and 93 on defense.

Given the question marks on the offense, this is quite surprising. For reference, MSU was 93/89/89 last year. Then again, I think MSU's offense actually can be better than last year. Also worth noting that Denicos Allen is the No. 14-rated player in the game at 95 overall.

Alabama is all 99s, obviously. Click here for everyone else. Here's the rest of the Big Ten:

Illinois: 83/86/80

Indiana: 81/83/82

Iowa: 88/88/90

Michigan: 91/91/92

MSU: 91/90/93

Minnesota: 79/79/80

Nebraska: 88/91/85

Northwestern: 86/86/87

Ohio State: 95/97/92

Penn State: 84/86/85

Purdue: 84/84/85

Wisconsin: 88/88/88

Iowa better than Northwestern and Wisconsin? Not sure about that. I also think Indiana should have a better offense. These ratings often go based on reputation. Despite some good teams in the past, MSU always seemed to be underrated. Now they're getting perhaps some undeserved love. I remember how Greg Jones used to be horribly underrated. Now Allen is probably overrated. Wait, I mean MLB #53 and OLB #28

I guess...

The only defenses rated higher than MSU are Alabama (99) and Virginia Tech (95). MSU's D is rated the same at Notre Dame and Stanford and Texas.

But it's just a video game, so no need to freak out too much. It's the one video game I still buy and play.

SBN compared it to Football Outsiders' F/+ ratings, and MSU is actually preseason No. 16 in their ratings.