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Photo of the Week: Magic Johnson with Sporting News All-American honor (1979)

MSU Archives

This is a photograph of Magic Johnson with his Sporting News Trophy.

He was named a first-team All-American by TSN in 1979.

I went with this photo because I've been watching Magic Johnson as an analyst on ESPN and feel like he's diminishing his reputation. He's one of the greatest players of all-time, but a generation is growing up knowing him as a TV analyst who overuses hyperbole and frankly isn't very good. No one on that ESPN panel is, except maybe Bill Simmons. I was fine with him as a Dickie V-type during the MSU/Indiana game. I don't think anyone expected much real analysis there. It was for fun, and it was fine.

Magic has always been a guy who can do multiple things at once, but with everything going on, including being an owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, I can't imagine he watches much NBA. I don't know if ESPN wants Magic to be the Barkley of the set or what.

Anyway, I've always felt LeBron James was more Magic than Michael, and that's not an insult.

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