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MSU baseball recap/box score from 1896

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

This isn't a Photo of the Week, but I was going through the archives and found a cool piece of MSU baseball history I figured I'd share.

It's the "MAC Record" from May 5, 1896. Among the issues discussed on the paper are Arbor Day, Farm Notes, Turning Cattle in the Orchard That Have Been Sprayed and A Game of Ball.

That last bit is a short recap from an MAC baseball win over Olivet by an 15-8 score. There's a box score and short recap, which is transcribed below.

A week ago yesterday our ball team won our favor by pounding out 21 base hits and playing a nearly perfect fielding game, thus winning from their friendly rivals, the Olivet boys. The visitors could only get three base hits and two earned runs, the other runs resulting from a balk and bases on balls. Osborn, our left-handed pitcher, had the visitors at his mercy, and won the crowd completely when he put the ball into the evergreens for a home run. He has only been in college one term and during that time has kept so steadily at his work that nobody knew that he could play ball.

You can read the whole Record here.