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Thoughts on the 2015 Big Ten schedule

Jason Szenes

The Big Ten announced the 2015 schedule on Monday, and there weren't any surprises, as it's just a flip of the 2014 schedule.

Oct. 3: PURDUE
Oct. 10: at Rutgers
Oct. 17: at Michigan
Oct. 24: INDIANA
Nov. 7: at Nebraska
Nov. 21: at Ohio State

-As expected, it's a daunting task. I wouldn't pencil MSU in as the Legends East favorite. The road schedule is rough, but it makes up for all of those being home games in 2014.

-As for the home slate, the nonconference game against Oregon on Sept. 12 will help make things a little more exciting. MSU also play at Western and hosts Central, so I'd expect a home cupcake to open the season.

-There's a bye week before the Nebraska game and two open weeks before Oregon. So I'm guessing MSU will have a bye in Week 2 (Sept. 5).

-I wonder if the MSU-PSU game would be looked at more fondly if there wasn't a trophy that was mocked. It should be a solid series moving forward, and has been at times in the past. Since I didn't get my wish of being in a division with Wisconsin and finishing with this, continuing Penn State works. It's not a huge rivalry, but I like the idea of finishing the regular season with the same opponent every year.

-Wisconsin and Iowa avoid U-M, OSU, PSU and MSU in 2014/15, while Nebraska only has MSU of the four. The Big Ten has purposely avoided scheduling cross-division games between the top teams. This has to mean the parity scheduling really is coming in 2016, right? I can't imagine they'd sacrifice so many big games without going big in 2016. These unbalanced schedules (sorry, Minnesota and Rutgers) will create the tiers and keep the status quo moving into the parity scheduling in 2016. That's my guess. Though I wouldn't be surprised to see the Big Ten mess it up.

-Because OSU and U-M miss Wisconsin, Nebraska and Iowa, it all but guarantees MSU has to beat U-M and OSU to win the division. It gets both at home in 2014. Also, Michigan and Wisconsin will go at least five years without meeting. Jeez.

-Overall, very tough schedule for MSU in 2015, but that was expected when we saw 2014 was a favorable draw.

You can see all the 2015 Big Ten schedules here.


Also, the Big Ten signed an agreement with the Pinstripe Bowl. As a player, I'd think it's stupid. As a fan, I'm fine with seeing bowl games in different places other than Florida and Texas every year. However, playing at Rutgers and then making the Pinstripe Bowl would take some shine out of it. Hopefully the Big Ten will announce a deal with the Holiday Bowl soon. Games against not the SEC are advised.

The Big Ten will also have an advertisement at Yankee Stadium. Go crazy.