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Photo of the Week: Aerial shot of Spartan Stadium (Macklin Field, 1947)

MSU Archives

This was the last year the stadium was known as Macklin Field. The capacity was 26,000 in this form from 1935-47. Before that, it was College Field from 1923-34 with a capacity of 14,000.

You can still see this setup today, with the tunnel on the north side and the end zone seats built into the ground. Expansion added to this current structure. Look at all those trees!

The next year, capacity would be expanded to 51,000, and the stadium was renamed Macklin Stadium, after former coach John Macklin. Upper decks were added in 1957.

You can see Demonstration Hall and Jenison Field House, where hockey and basketball played. You can also see the original Spartan Statue, which was dedicated in 1945.

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