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Munn Field to add artificial field

Marching band moving its practice site.

That's the field hockey field on the right.
That's the field hockey field on the right.

If you're on campus during the week in the fall, you've surely heard the marching band practicing at Demonstration Field.

After the 2013 season, that is going to move. At a construction and planning meeting on Friday, some changes to Munn Field were outlined, according to David Harns of isportsweb.

An artificial football field will be added to the southeast corner of Munn Field, with construction beginning in May 2014. There will be 300 bleacher sets and a band tower. I'll defer to Harns' Twitter account for more details.

If my memory serves me, Adams Field is typically where the band gathers on gameday, right? And Dem Field is used for tents?

Either way, it looks like this will take away from some of the parking at Munn Field. I'm curious if the field will be open to the public. I've always appreciated having a natural grass field to use when I was a student (plus the whole Ag school thing), but a turf field could help kids playing football. When I was at The State News, we played games on grass in EL and Ann Arbor, but we used the band's artificial field for the alumni game in Ann Arbor.

Something to watch for in the future.