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Welcome Aboard - Matt Morrissey

Jonathan Daniel

Safety Matt Morrissey, Lincolnshire, Ill (Adlai E Stevenson) - 6-foot-3, 180 pounds

Ratings: 247 sports (3 stars) Rivals (3 stars), Scout (3 stars), ESPN (NR)

Other notable offers: Boston College, Illinois, Syracuse

MSU has picked up a commit from safety Matt Morrissey, an MSU legacy whose father, Jim, played linebacker in East Lansing in the 1980s. His mother also went to MSU and his sister is on the women's basketball team. Matt was on campus Monday.

He's a versatile player who could play a few positions. He also had strong interest from Wisconsin. He's the third Core 6 athlete to commit to MSU and fourth Illinois prospect. He's the 13th commit of the 2014 class.

Being a legacy, MSU was the heavy favorite, but when he didn't commit at camp and was checking out more schools, it seemed to be a question if MSU would end up losing him.

In the end, the worry proved to be for naught. Morrissey spoke to Rivals about the commitment.

"Michigan State was my leader for a long time and once they offered me it made it even harder to say no to them. I took some time and looked around but in the end I was comparing everyone to what Michigan State has to offer. It's the best overall fit for me and I just like the people at Michigan State. Getting to know the coaches, the players and some of the recruits just made me realize that I wanted to be at Michigan State even harder than I expected."

Morrissey still has some growing to do, and that could affect the position he plays. Most think linebacker or safety, but Morissey told Rivals the coaches mentioned the possibility of receiver. With the commitment secured, they're going to wait and see how he develops and grows over the next year.

He's already pretty tall for a defensive back, and, as you can see in the highlights below, is pretty speedy. Simply, he's a really good athlete, and MSU will take its time figuring out where he'll play.

Overall, Morrissey appears to be a very solid pickup with a good amount of potential. It continues MSU's strong recruiting in Illinois recently. MSU picked up one in 2012 (Jack Allen), one in 2013 (Demetrius Cooper), and they will be the only Illinois kids on the roster in 2013. Morrissey makes it four Illinois commits in 2014, and there could still be more to come. The Core 6 connection is very good. (If only they could have landed Jamarco Jones out of there. *shakes fist*).

A very good class gets better.

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