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Photo of the Week: Animals on Farm Lane Bridge (1909)

MSU Archives

This photograph shows animals walking down a bridge on Farm Lane with farm houses and fields in the background. The text on the front reads: "View from Farm Lane, M.A.C. Lansing, Mich" Text on back: "July 6th, '09. Well Kate, I've arrived home all safe from the lake but I am all in today. I cannot do anything about the house here is every thing to do and no one to do any thing. I saw [Lafe] after I saw you and he was looking for Annie. What time did your folks leave? We left about [1]. It is so warm today. Write. -Mary"

I have no idea what the second part of that description is about, but I still find it interesting. Compare this photo to the current bridge (photo from 1955).


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