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Linking Laconically is a BCS and World Series of Poker contender


Uh, sure?
Uh, sure?
Streeter Lecka

Spartans a BCS title contender? - Big Ten Blog - ESPN
Football Outsiders has MSU as one of six teams that could unseat the SEC, citing the defense, schedule and coaching changes on offense. Their numbers loved MSU last year and viewed the season as unlucky.

So where does all the money go in Michigan State athletics? | Detroit Free Press |
"So as Spartan football fights for national prominence, should more money be invested in the Big Two at the expense of other sports? It's a question MSU athletic director Mark Hollis asks himself regularly." A really great package of work by the LSJ (I used Freep link for you guys, but check out LSJ for whole thing). A sport-by-sport breakdown of the money being made, spent, and how the teams are doing. I'm hoping to do a longer post about this at some point.

Michigan State's Adreian Payne finally gets quality minutes in World University Games finale |
He played center, and didn't play much. Don't think there's much too look into, but it's too bad Payne couldn't get more out of the opportunity. The U.S. finished ninth. Yikes.

Michigan's top girls hoops player Gussert picks Spartans over UConn, Tennessee | Detroit Free Press |
"Kathy and Scott Gussert were fast asleep at 11:30 p.m. Wednesday night when their daughter, Lexi, woke them up and said she had something she needed to tell them." A big pickup for Suzy Merchant.

Katy Perry larger than life: Michigan State housemates fight to display 90-square-foot sign |
A resolution to our national nightmare. (Seriously, this was national news)

Hokepoints: Law & Order in the Big Ten | mgoblog
MGo looks at penalties in the conference and compares them at home vs. road. Also upset that MSU doesn't live up to their expectations as #thugz.

East Lansing's Ryan Riess makes World Series of Poker main event final table, part of November Nine |
The MSU grad is wearing a Pro Combat shirt in the photo.