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Position Preview 2013: Tight ends

Leon Halip

A position-by-position look at the 2013 Spartans. Since the quarterbacks are going to draw the most ire, I'm working backward. Next up: special teams. Previously:defensive linelinebackersdefensive backsoffensive linerunning backs, wide receiversspecial teams

I had meant to include this group with the wide receivers, but I forgot, which pretty much sums up the position.

Back in 2009, MSU had Charlie Gantt, Brian Linthicum, Garrett Celek and Dion Sims on the roster. Boy, does that feel like a long time ago. MSU has gone from having too many good tight ends to not having any reliable ones. Celek and Sims are currently in the NFL.

So what's left? No tight end had a catch in the spring game. It's worth noting this is co-offensive coordinator Jim Bollman's position group, so maybe there's something new in store.

Here's the group of contributors for 2013:

Andrew Gleichert (JR): Listed at No. 1 on the depth chart, Gleichert has played in 11 games and has one catch for eight yards against Boise State last year. The former walk-on earned a scholarship before the 2012 season.

Michael Dennis (JR): He's considered an OL/TE mix and is No. 2 on the depth chart. Because nobody in this group has caught anything, I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of Dennis if the position is basically only supposed to block for MSU, though Dennis reportedly had a 48-yard catch in a scrimmage.

Josiah Price (R-FR): Redshirted last year. Was considered a top-20 tight end coming out of high school.

Paul Lang (SO): The guy who has accomplished the most simply by catching a goal-line touchdown pass against Michigan. He had three catches for eight yards on the season. This is the only known highlight from the group.