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Second Half Game Thread: MSU vs. Youngstown State

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The offense ... did a thing? Several things?

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

An offense that seemed to be answering most questions in the first two games with "nope" was actually firing on all cylinders in the first half. Stats:

302 total yards (more than either of the first two full games)
4/6 on third down
191 passing yards on 9.1 per attempt (!)
Four passing TDs for Connor Cook (something that Kirk Cousins apparently never did in any game at MSU)
111 rushing yards on 6.5 per attempt

Only major negative thus far: a fumbled punt by Andre Sims leading to Youngstown State's only touchdown of the game. Cook has looked very good so far, albeit with a couple of should-have-been-picked throws that were dropped. Receivers have been hanging onto the ball, the offensive line has been holding up well enough to give Cook time, and the running game has been solid. Yes, this is all against a 1-AA school, but considering where things were against teams that lost to 1-AA schools in their other games, this counts as progress.

Second half thread is open. Usual rules apply - no slurs, no links to illegal streams, don't feed trolls. You know the drill.