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NFL Week 2 Update on Spartans in the NFL

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After the second week of the NFL season, it's time to give you all an update on where your Spartans are headed.


We're already two weeks into the NFL season. Let's take a look at how some Spartan alumni are playing.

Le'Veon Bell

For the third straight week, Le'Veon Bell did not play for the Steelers due to his foot injury. The Steelers are using Isaac Redman as their starter, and it's not going very well, to say the least. Right now, they're averaging 37.5 rushing yards per game, 31st in the NFL. Le'Veon Bell is listed as questionable for this week's game against the Chicago Bears. According to, a week three return is "probably not in the cards for him", despite the Steelers playing on Sunday Night Football.

Kirk Cousins

Robert Griffin III is healthy now. Kirk Cousins is coming off of a foot injury that kept him out of most of the preseason and kept him limited throughout the first two weeks.

Some Redskins fans are calling for him to start.

RGIII has a 62.9% completion rate this season along with five touchdowns and three picks and has led Washington to a dismal 0-2 start, but it still might be a little early to call for Cousins. Griffin is coming off a bad knee injury as well, and he's obviously got the skill set. That doesn't mean he won't be on a short leash for the rest of this season, though.

Kellen Davis

Davis reportedly signed with the Seattle Seahawks last Wednesday, according to ESPN. This is third team in the past two months after being cut by the Bears after four seasons, then being signed and cut by the Browns in a matter of weeks. The chances of Davis getting any significant playing time with the Seahawks— one of the best teams in the NFL— are slim.

Brian Hoyer

In probably the most important Spartan alumni news of the year, BRIAN HOYER IS STARTING A GAME FOR THE CLEVELAND BROWNS. He came into the season at third on the depth chart, but due to Brandon Weeden's terrible play and second string Jason Campbell underperforming, Hoyer has won the starting job. I said earlier this year I didn't think he'd see any playing time, and I was very wrong.

I'm not saying this is a great thing, because Hoyer's never been great in the pros, and he has absolutely no one to pass it to in Cleveland. Well, at least he can hand it off to Trent Richa- nevermind.

Keshawn Martin

In the Texans' last game against the the Tennessee Titans, Martin had his first receptions of this season. He had two catches for 32 yards, both of them coming in the fourth quarter. Martin's the Texans' punt returner, though, as well, so he gets his fair share of playing time.