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Second Half Game Thread: Michigan State vs. Notre Dame

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Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

At the half, Notre Dame leads 10-7. What we've seen so far:

  • The offense is not allaying any of the fears that last week was a mirage. Connor Cook is 5 for 15 for 44 yards and a TD so far, and MSU has a total of 90 yards of offense.
  • Kevin Muma missed a short field goal badly after a blocked punt set up MSU with good field position on their first drive. Michael Geiger came on to kick the PAT after the later touchdown; it seems Geiger is going to get a chance to take over.
  • Notre Dame's offensive game plan: chuck it deep and hope for either a great play from your receiver or a flag. They've been getting a couple of the former and even more of the latter, including a 3rd down conversion off a dubious flag on their field goal drive and a 4th down conversion on an even more dubious flag on the TD drive. Even the NBC announcers have been confused by some of the flags.

Here's the second half thread. GO GREEN!