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Max Bullough suspended for Rose Bowl

Mark A. Cunningham


That's the end of his career.

Bullough got in trouble once before, on spring break in 2011 before he was a starter, but has gone on to be a captain, an All-B1G player and an Academic All-American. For a senior captain with that track record to get suspended before the Rose Bowl, his final game (and with that lineage), I have no idea what could have happened. We may find out soon, given how serious this apparently is. There is a press conference Thursday. Perhaps we will learn more.

The MSU defense loses its leader, a guy who was going to be in on a lot of tackles against Stanford's power running game.

Who replaces Bullough? Do you go with senior Kyler Elsworth, a guy we, surprisingly, haven't seen much of this year? Or do you go with a guy we'll see next year, like Darien Harris or Ed Davis?

Whatever it is, it's an unfortunate end to a great career. We don't know what the violation is, but Mark Dantonio has made a clear point about no player being bigger than the team or the program.


Also, let's please not speculate.