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2014 Rose Bowl - MSU vs. Stanford: Predictions

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Robert Laberge

Each week, The Only Staff gives their score predictions for the game, except KJ, because he's still trying to get his power back in his home.

ChrisVannini: MSU 23-20

PeteRossman: Stanford 30-20

KJ: I predict a rose on MSU's helmets

LVS: MSU 27-17

HeckDorland: MSU 20-17

SpartanDan: Stanford 17-13

Con-T: Stanford 21-17

patrick_hayes: MSU 33-24

intrpdtrvlr: MSU 31-16

SpartanBDF: MSU 42-38

Jameson Draper: MSU 28-24

Jeremy_Dewar: MSU 27-24

LVS won the Big Ten Championship with a 31-28 score. SpartanBDF and I have three wins, LVS, Con-T, Pete, Jameson, Patrick, intrpdtrvlr and SpartanDan have one each.

What's your prediction?