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Report: Jayru Campbell arrested

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

By now, you've probably heard whisperings or talk about an incident involving Jayru Campbell.

If you don't know, video surfaced allegedly of the Cass Tech quarterback and 2015 MSU commit bodyslamming a security guard at school, and WJBK reports Campbell is in jail Thursday night. Given this is about a kid (one who isn't at MSU), I was hesitant to write anything in this forum, but it has gotten big enough I figure it should be addressed here.

We don't know what led to this alleged incident. We do know he was suspended after punching someone in the handshake line after being eliminated from the playoffs in the fall.

We also know that Campbell lives in terrible circumstances in Detroit, which ESPN highlighted in a November story.

Growing up, Campbell never felt safe in his neighborhood. His childhood memories of playing football outside with his older brothers are clouded by what was happening around them. With neighbors doing drugs and shooting dice, violence and crime all around him, Campbell used football to keep his mind occupied.

He boasts that he hasn't missed more than three days of football practice since he was 7 years old. Going to practice meant he didn't have to be at home. He knew he was safe.

Aside from what it means for the kid himself (which is more serious), it puts the MSU coaches in a tough situation. Do they pull the offer and give up on the kid? Do they stick with him through it? Do they wait and see?

Is Campbell the kind of kid who just needs to get out of the city? Will this alleged incident prevent that from happening?

I don't know the answer. You don't know the answer. I'm sure Mark Dantonio and the coaches will go over the options and get in touch with him at some point to get more of the story. I'm also sure Dantonio won't make a decision based on public reaction (which is a negative light on MSU right now, even though it really has nothing to do with them).

Dantonio has stuck with kids before. Sometimes, it has worked out. Sometimes, it has not.

We'll see what happens, on and off the field.

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