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2014 Football Schedule: MSU-Oregon moved up to Sept. 6

Jonathan Ferrey

The Pac-12 schedules came out today, and I noticed MSU-Oregon in Eugene was scheduled for Sept. 6, up a week from previously-announced Sept. 13.

MSU later confirmed the news.

Rexrode says it was "TV-driven." There's a good chance this will feature College Gameday, but it will not be a night game. Though, given the time difference, it'll either be 3:30 p.m. or at night on Michigan time.

So MSU opens with Jacksonville State on Aug. 30 and plays at Oregon on Sept. 6, followed by a bye week. Hope none of you already made your Oregon travel plans.

Honestly, I don't know if losing the bye week before Oregon will make a huge difference. The opener is a cupcake, and MSU surely will prepare itself for the Ducks in the summer. Remember, Notre Dame doesn't come back on the schedule until 2016.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if the opener is moved to Friday night. MSU moved this past opener against Western Michigan from Saturday to Friday, and MSU has opened three straight seasons on a Friday. With it being Labor Day weekend, MSU likes the idea of giving fans the vacation weekend, and I think it's a pretty good deal for fans. But we'll see.

You can see future schedules here.