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The Only Podcast: The Reboot

Better late than never.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We're going to try to start doing this weekly again--earlier in the week in the future.  We make no guarantees about production quality here.  And we make minimal guarantees about content quality.  But we do guarantee this will kill off 43 minutes of your Friday.

Click right here to get the podcast.  Jim and I were joined by Jamie Mac to talk about:

--The first half of the MSU season. This is different than last year.

--A recap of the Indiana game. We're still not quite sure who exactly Zander Diamont is.

--Playoffs? We're talking about the playoffs?

--MICHIGAN. What can MSU fans find to freak out about? Can we keep Jamie from talking about basketball?

--The early favorites--and one major sleeper--in Jamie's Next Michigan Head Coach Challenge bracket.

Jim and I are still figuring this thing out, but Jamie's pretty good, so give it a listen.  It should be up on iTunes at some point today, but again, no guarantees.