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No. 19 Nebraska @ No. 10 Michigan State Predictions

Who wins Saturday's prime-time clash between No. 19 Nebraska and No. 10 Michigan State?? The Only Colors' staff has its say.

Duane Burleson

Each week, The Only Colors pony up game predictions that they won't be held accountable for later on.

Blake Baumgartner: MSU 24-17

Pete Rossman: I'll go low this week. 28-17 SPARTANS.

HeckDorland: 31-28 MSU

KJ: Long-time readers know that I am an avowed non-predictor of game results. Last year, I had a shtick about it we included in these posts. I think I'll spare everyone that this year. Go Green.

Joe Tuohey: 33-28 MSU

SpartanBDF: 49-45 MSU

intrpdtrvlr: I'm closer to Pete and bullish on the Spartans.  MSU 38, NEB 24.

Jameson Draper: 65-62 Michigan State. Just kidding. It's going to be high-scoring, though. 41-34 Michigan State.

Jeremy_Dewar: Dammit, I want to reverse jinx and go Nebraska but that requires putting public support out there for Bo Pelini. Give me the Spartans at home 38-34 on a late Lippett TD and Drummond pick to seal the deal

Jeremy Warnemuende: MSU 34-31

Con-T: 38-35 Nebraska

SpartanDan: MSU 42-31

LVS: 41-27, MSU

Con-T is the only guy to have the guts to take the visiting Cornhuskers. Given the Spartans beat Wyoming by 42 points last week, Jeremy gets his first win of the year by predicting a 38-point Michigan State victory with his 44-6 prediction. This puts Joe, Con-T, Pete, and Jeremy all on one win for the season.

What's your prediction? Post it in the comments.