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Welcome Aboard- Darrell Stewart

Michigan State flips a third 2015 commit out of Texas

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Athlete Darrell Stewart


Houston, Texas (Nimitz High School)


between 6'0'' and 6'2'', between 170 and 195 lbs


Consensus 3 star to all four sites

Notable offers:

Boise State, Louisville, Texas Tech, Utah, LSU

Thoughts on offer list:

I believe MSU is looking at Stewart first and foremost as a wide receiver, and there's a couple of good passing attacks after him here, even if some of these names don't mean quite what they would've a handful of years ago due to coaching changes. He committed early to Boise State, way back in February, about two months after Chris Petersen left that program for Washington. He stuck with that commitment for some time, but got an offer from the Spartans in mid-May, finally made it up for a visit this weekend, and was impressed enough to quickly flip over to the Spartans.

That linked article also mentions he goes to the same high school as his primary recruiter, Terrence Samuel, which is a connection that couldn't have hurt.

Thoughts on film:

There are some snaps of him in the defensive secondary, and at QB, but it's mostly highlights of him at wide receiver, which makes sense. His frame coming out of high school is big enough to play outside receiver, but his film shows a WR much more in the mold of current Spartan Macgarrett Kings Jr. Stewart appears a wide receiver who's adept at finding holes in coverage, sitting down and making the catch, and then working up-field for as much yardage after the catch as he can get. I'd bet he'll get his start in the slot at MSU.

Certain receivers get described as 'long-striders', I would term Stewart a 'short-strider'. His feet are very quick, meaning his start and stop, and change of direction, are excellent, but his top-end speed doesn't seem to be as elite. In addition, he gets tripped up on a couple of potential touchdowns, or loses control of his footing. Again, much like Kings in his early career. His hands seem good, he makes a couple of difficult catches, but he seems much less of a 'go up and get it' guy than MSU's other WR recruit in this class.

He also shows some adeptness at returning punts, and it wouldn't be unlike MSU to get him initial time on special teams.

Outlook on the rest of the class

Stewart is commitment #14 in MSU's 2015 class, and their first since August 6th, over three months ago. There are probably only a few spots left in this recruiting class, and I would imagine MSU is just about wrapped up at the wide receiver position this year, with Stewart and Felton Davis III.

Stewart is the third Spartan to commit out of the Lone Star state, joining Tyler Higby and Josh Butler in what has been quite a breakthrough in a hard-canvassed territory these past few years.

Congratulations Darrell, and welcome!