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Three Takeaways: MSU - Rutgers

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Three things that stuck out from MSU's 45-3 win over Rutgers.

1. Jeremy Langford might go down as the most underrated running back in MSU history

The guy just gets things done every time. Langford had 126 yards on 16 carries against Rutgers for an average of 7.9 per carry and a long of 38. His streak of 100 yards against a Big Ten team extended to 15 games. Down conference or not, that's a hell of a stat. Mark Dantonio pointed to Langford as an example of players sticking through things, and he's right, with a guy who played running back, receiver, defensive back and receiver again. He's a complete back, with power, speed, vision and an ability to catch the ball. He's a bit undersized, but he'll get a chance in the NFL. The conference is loaded at the position, so he's missing out on some honors he would otherwise receive. His 100-yard B1G streak can only max out at 16, and it may be the toughest test, as Penn State is allowing 81.7 rushing yards per game and 2.5 per carry.

2. The linebacker situation is going to be very interesting next year

Although Rutgers only averaged 3.3 yards per carry, MSU's linebackers again did a poor job sealing the edge and getting off blocks, and at this point in the season, it is what it is. Taiwan Jones will graduate after this season, and I'm very curious to see how things will shake out. Jon Reschke appeared to be the guy to take over in the middle, but he's injured and missing valuable reps, and he's undersized. Darien Harris is also a bit undersized, though he's a very smart player, which is extremely important for the position. Riley Bullough has been a playmaker this year, but hasn't been able to unseat Harris or Ed Davis on the outside. Right now, no one stands out in the group, and their struggles have been magnified. With some potential early departures to the NFL on this defense, the linebackers are going to need to be better next season.

3. I have no problem with the fake field goal, but I understand why some people do

Look, when you're up 35-0 and faking a field goal, you're opening yourself up to criticism, whether it's fair or not. I liked the idea of Sadler "handing off" the special teams running to Michael Geiger (whom I believe scored a touchdown). I don't believe it was MSU toying it Rutgers. It was more having fun, and they happened to be there. I don't blame Kyle Flood for being fired up when Nick Hill fumbled the ball away on the next play. But in sports, you have to stop your opponent. That's the point of competition. If you don't like it, stop it. MSU is in a situation where every bit of style points matter, because their resume is going to have very little meat at all.

(Another note: On Tony Lippett playing cornerback, MSU said it was both to show Lippett can play the position at the next level and also take some pressure off Darian Hicks. Smart on both parts, and I'm surprised it didn't come up sooner. But Hicks may have to be the No. 1 corner next year, so that's something to keep in mind)

Next up: The legendary and heated Land-Grant Rivalry. You can already feel the intensity. I can't wait for reporters to ask MSU players if Penn State is their #RealRival.