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Who's your Michigan State Football Mount Rushmore?

The Only Colors is partnering with the Big Ten Network for a fan vote on the the four most iconic Michigan State football players.

You may have found this floating around social media yesterday, but if you didn't, The Only Colors is partnering with the Big Ten Network to find Michigan State Football's Mount Rushmore. The show will air Thursday, December 18th at 6 PM Eastern. Here are the rules from the link:

1. Football only.

2. Former student-athletes only – coaches and current student-athletes are not being considered.

3. On-the-field accomplishments while in college only – professional career will not be a factor. Accomplishments that were reviewed include, but are not limited to, career statistics; awards won; and team success.

4. Particular student-athletes were intentionally removed from consideration due to off-the-field transgressions and/or criminal activity.

So no Duffy or Dantonio then. I'm guessing the last rule disqualifies Charles Rogers, but I'm not sure he'd make it anyway. We'll have more on this topic next week when the BTN releases their 10 candidates for fan voting on Monday, but for now I'm throwing it out there -- what are some of the names that come to your mind?