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No. 14 Ohio State @ No. 8 Michigan State Predictions

ABC's "Saturday Night Football" returns to East Lansing, Mich. for second time this season. How will Michigan State fare in its first meeting with Ohio State since upending the Buckeyes, 34-24, in last year's Big Ten Football Championship Game? Big Ten East supremacy and a likely trip to Indianapolis on Dec. 6 is highly likely on the line.

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Each week, The Only Colors ponies up game predictions that they won't be held accountable for later on.

Blake Baumgartner: MSU 27-24

Pete Rossman: MSU 34 OSU 24, because why not.

HeckDorland: 31-28 MSU

KJ: Long-time readers know that I am an avowed non-predictor of game results. Last year, I had a shtick about it we included in these posts. I think I'll spare everyone that this year. Go Green.

Joe Tuohey: A cold and rainy night hurts the MSU passing game and special teams make the difference. OSU 27 MSU 24

SpartanBDF: 34-24 MSU

intrpdtrvlr: JT Barrett has a tough day and becomes a freshman for a night.  MSU 30, OSU 17

Jeremy_Dewar: MSU 31-28

Jeremy Warnemuende: MSU 27, OSU 17

SpartanDan: MSU 34, OSU 27

LVS: 28-24 MSU

Josh is the only one with guts enough to go with Ohio State. Blake's prediction of a 38-13 victory against Michigan back on Oct. 25 was pretty damn close, so the new guy is on the board. last week wins the closest to the pin and gets him on the board for the first time this year. Joe leads SpartanBDF, Con-T, Pete, Jeremy, LVS and Blake all by one win in the season standings.

What's your prediction? Post it in the comments.