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Linking Laconically hates exams

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

It's great that Tom Izzo and the Spartans don't have to travel or play a game during exam week, but man, it sure makes this week feel long without any Michigan State football or basketball until Sunday.

Now imagine what a two week break between the conference and NCAA tournaments would feel like...

Izzo concerned about '18 Big Ten tournament in New York | Detroit Free Press |

Few seem thrilled.

Michigan State's Lourawls 'Tum Tum' Nairn developing in stages, puts trust in Tom Izzo | MLive |

Gotta love his attitude.

Gavin Schilling, Matt Costello make center a bright spot for MSU | Detroit Free Press |

Starting Schilling has been good for both of them, it seems.

MSU punter Mike Sadler's Twitter account gets attention | Detroit Free Press |

Gonna miss that dude.

Michigan State hitting 3-pointers at record pace, but Tom Izzo worries about over-reliance | MLive |

Of course he does, but it's this team's best chance to win right now.

Michigan State-Baylor Cotton Bowl widely picked as most intriguing bowl matchup | MLive |

Much like Michigan State-Stanford last year.