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Report: Narduzzi closing in on Pittsburgh offer

The Spartans' defensive coordinator gets closer to a head coaching position

Will Malik McDowell have a new defensive coordinator next season?
Will Malik McDowell have a new defensive coordinator next season?
Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Since yesterday when we looked at the possibilities for Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi, we have had some changes. Narduzzi apparently was the top candidate for Colorado State but withdrew his candidacy to focus on the opening at Pittsburgh.

Colorado State in turn has reportedly reached an agreement with Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo to become their next coach. Pat Forde from Yahoo! has been all over the coaching carousel developments and last night released a report stating that Narduzzi is the leading candidate at Pittsburgh and that the two sides are in talks for Narduzzi to become the fifth coach in six seasons at the university.

Obviously a deal is not done here and Narduzzi has walked away from offers, including last season spurning Connecticut's offer apparently over assistant coach salaries. One would think Pittsburgh is looking for stability after going through so many coaches in such a short span and it would be surprising and look poor on the university if they lose their number one candidate over assistant salaries. I would say this is the strongest I have felt that Narduzzi would leave the Spartans, since I never felt Connecticut was a good enough program to entice Narduzzi.

If Narduzzi is hired it will be interesting to see if any other Spartans' coaches go with him to Pittsburgh. Pitt players have come out saying they want a continuation of their current offensive schemes and don't want a coach who blows things up to start over. Would Dave Warner, Brad Salem or Mark Staten on the offensive side leave to be sole offensive coordinators? Also, on defense would either Harlon Barnett or Mike Tressel leave for a defensive coordinator position if they aren't promoted at Michigan State? The Pittsburgh situation will be something for Spartans' fans to keep an eye on over the holiday break.

Correction: Also, a correction from yesterday's post Pittsburgh is not a pure private school and is a public university.