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Michigan State Football Bowl Game Confirmed: Baylor in the 2015 Cotton Bowl

The Spartans will face the Bears on New Year's Day in Dallas.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

While many pundits predicted Michigan State would attend the Orange Bowl due to MSU's lead in the playoff rankings over Mississippi State last week, the final playoff rankings had Mississippi State at 7 and the Spartans at 8, thus Mississippi State is headed to Miami. The good news though is that Michigan State is still headed to a New Year's Six bowl game, as the Spartans will head to Dallas to play in the Cotton Bowl against Baylor on New Year's Day at 12:30 Eastern

Michigan State will take on a Baylor Bears team that will be no doubt still smarting over being left out of the college football playoff. The Bears' only loss was 41-27 at West Virginia, and have beat TCU, Oklahoma, and Kansas State this season. Assuming Art Briles hasn't burned down all of Texas in the wake of being snubbed, this'll be a great matchup in a bowl MSU has never participated in. Get ready y'all.