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Wanted: A Michigan State Football Recruiting Writer

Want to write for The Only Colors and love college football recruiting? This could be your chance.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Here at The Only Colors, we've been writing about a lot of things lately -- the basketball team's shame spiral, Mark Dantonio and his coaching staff's pay raise, links to some great Michigan State articles, etc.  However, the one topic we haven't been able to write a lot about lately (at least since signing day) is Michigan State football recruiting. That's where you come in.

We're looking for a writer to contribute at least one update per week about MSU's progress on the recruiting trail. This post would be at least 500 words on length about recruits that are interested in MSU, recruits the coaching staff is pursing, camp performances of recruits, and anything else you'd like to write about involving recruiting. We'd also like one separate post each week that would provide links to updates on recruits (think "Linking Laconically", but for MSU football recruiting), as well as posts that go up as soon as possible when a recruit commits.  Here's what we're looking for:

  • Passion for MSU sports. This need not be since birth (mine's only been since I got into MSU), but you must (obviously) share the passion we have here at TOC.
  • Good writing skills. Self-explanatory. Spelling, grammar rules, usage, etc.
  • Fit with the tone and style of The Only Colors. You've most likely read the site, you know what our style is. Extreme statements to get clicks aren't going to fly here.
  • An ability to contribute two MSU-related football recruiting pieces per week. See above.
  • Some time flexibility on posting. When a recruit commits we want a post up on that recruit as soon as possible. Don't worry if you're not available 24 hours a day - we can cover, but you would be doing the majority of the "Welcome Aboard" posts.
Don't worry if you don't come from a major involved in journalism. Many of our current writers come from a variety of backgrounds, and if you can write, we'd love to have you. While we can't offer you a paycheck, we can give you exposure: Chris Vannini and Mike Wilson both wrote about football recruiting for this site, and now they both have jobs with the Michigan State sites of 247Sports and Scout respectively.  So if you want to write for us, here's what I'll need:
  • A writing sample. This can be anything, but the closer it is to MSU football recruiting, the better off you'll be. Feel free to write a sample article if you don't have a writing sample.
  • A short bio of yourself, and why you want to write for The Only Colors. We'd like to get to know a bit about you. Standard interviewing procedure.
If this interests you, send your writing sample and bio to by Friday, March 7. If you have any questions, feel free to send them along to me as well or post them in the comments.