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Mark Scarpinato Retires from Football to Pursue Medical School

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Redshirt sophomore defensive tackle Mark Scarpinato is forgoing his final two years of football to pursue medical school.

Mark A. Cunningham

The Spartans lost an expected member of the 2014 team today, but this loss was for something entirely positive. Defensive tackle Mark Scarpinato is forgoing his final two years of football to attend the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, as first reported by Mike Griffith at Mlive.

As a redshirt sophomore Scarpinato played in all 14 games this past season, tallying 15 tackles and one sack. He graduated with a degree in kinesiology in three years, and for one reason why he's choosing to retire now, Scarpinato said:

"I grew up going on rounds with my father, so when he was teaching at the Medical College of Wisconsin, I'd go around with him and see patients, and that started my interest in medicine,'' said Scarpinato, who graduated from Michigan State in three years with his degree in kinesiology. "When I was little he'd bring the surgical gloves and masks back home, and we'd operate on fruit. I'd always thought about that, and I've always wanted to help people, and being a doctor is a great way to do that.''

Lastly, here's a tweet Scarpinato sent out from his account tonight:

Best of luck in your future endeavors, Mark.