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McDowell Yet to Sign on the Dotted Line

An already solid class got even better when Malik McDowell signed his LOI to play for the Spartans this morning. Except that didn't actually happen, apparently.

The saga continues.

It was probably naive of us to assume the recruitment of five-star defensive end Malik McDowell had come to a nice, neat close when he announced this morning that he chose MSU over the likes of Michigan, Ohio State and Florida State, going against his parents' wishes. In fact, what came next should have been expected. It shouldn't have been a surprise to see at least one more twist in a story that will seemingly never end.

McDowell and his father signed something this morning, but evidently it wasn't an LOI. And according to ESPN's Tom VanHaaren, nobody is really sure when that letter might make its way to East Lansing.

Now, this isn't necessarily bad news for the Spartans. Letters don't have to come in today, and until they do, coaches can't comment on unsigned recruits. With Mark Dantonio set to address the media later this afternoon, maybe it's a way for him to avoid having to field questions about McDowell and -- more significantly -- why his parents want him anywhere that isn't MSU. Or, maybe there's some innocuous reason McDowell hasn't signed, and there's no reason to worry.

Still, it was much easier to be excited about McDowell's commitment when we were under the impression he had actually made it official. While the uncertainty might create some unwanted stress for MSU fans, let's just hope McDowell and his parents are in the process of working this out.

Good luck, kid.