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Former Michigan State Verbal Darius Slade Commits to Ohio State

It's not all sunshine today - defensive end commit Darius Slade spurned the Spartans at the 11th hour to join the Buckeyes.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Note: this article mistakenly claimed Darius Slade had once been committed to Rutgers; that was not the case. I regret the error. - Pete

Signing day isn't just about getting the uncommitted recruits to pledge.  Sometimes a previously committed player will flip to another team, and that's what happened this afternoon as defensive end Darius Slade, a one-time Rutgers, then Nebraska, then Michigan State commitment (yes, that's correct), signed with Ohio State today.  As recently as Sunday, Slade was committed to the Green and White:

Then again, seeing as how Michigan State was the third school he committed to, maybe surprise isn't the first emotion one should feel about his decommitment. Luckily Michigan State picked up Malik McDowell to fill the hole, but he hasn't formally signed yet. While East Lansing waits, a bit of hope:

And thus continued the signing day that would not end.