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Linking Laconically is stressed

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Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry this is late -- stupid things like work got in the way today -- but you have some time to kill before MSU takes on Northwestern tonight. It's March, so that means the same thing will be said about Tom Izzo over and over again. It's his time of year, so hopefully tonight is the beginning of one of those magical March turnarounds.

Michigan State's Tom Izzo is Mr. March | USA Today Sports |

It's nice that they play the tournament this month then.

Injuries, recruiting, expectations add up to frustrating season for Izzo | Sports Illustrated |

He does look more exhausted than I ever remember seeing him.

Sport Science and Nightline get to the heart of the matter with Tom Izzo | ESPN Front Row |

I bet it's a miracle he's alive.

Only thing on Gary Harris' mind is deep tourney run | Indy Star |

I'm going read about him as much as I can while he's still wearing the Green and White.

Snapping the streak: Michigan-MSU | ESPN Big Ten Blog |

The question basically is, will Michigan be able to reverse its recent fortunes against MSU next fall? The answer basically is, no.