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The Only Colors' Traditional Bracket Pick 'Em Contest

Think your crazy spitballing is superior to others'? Get bragging rights and win prizes by picking the craziest upsets in our bracket Pick 'Em contest.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Every year in March after the brackets are announced, the first half of the week is filled with such hope. All that exists is possibility. Then Friday Afternoon rolls around, and your bracket is dead in the water.

That'll probably happen again this year. But it might not! So why not enter our Bracket Pick 'Em for a chance at some cool prizes.

It's scored like a standard March Madness pool - 1 point for getting a round of 64 game correct, 2 points for a round of 32, 4 points for a Sweet Sixteen game, all the way up to 32 points for a national title game picked correctly. HOWEVER, there's a twist. You'll also get 1 point for each upset you choose correctly, regardless of region. So take that into account when making your picks.

Also, prizes! The grand prize winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Underground Printing, who have a store in downtown East Lansing and have some of the coolest Spartan apparel out there. First prize will receive a $25 gift certificate to Underground Printing, and second prize gets a t-shirt from Underground Printing.

Here's the link to the pool:The Only Colors Bracket Pick 'Em

And here are the rules: Official Bracket Pick 'Em Rules

Good luck everyone!