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Linking Laconically never had any doubts

Andy Lyons

Well that was a fun weekend, wasn't it? As of last Thursday, making it out of the first weekend of the NCAA tournament seemed like a realistic expectation. Now, it's national title or bust. Unfortunately, seemingly every "expert" in the country agrees, which definitely feels like a kiss of death. Regardless, winning is sure a heck of a lot more fun than losing, and there's hopefully six more wins left this season.

Experts believe in Spartans, despite No. 4 seed in NCAA tournament | Detroit Free Press |

Best part is how terrified Izzo is of letting Jud down.

NCAA Tournament East Region: Michigan State is four seed that can win it all | Sporting News |

There's like a billion more articles that say relatively the same thing. This is a nice look at the rest of the region, though.

Every team must fear MSU, Michigan in NCAA tournament | Detroit Free Press |

I know how much Spartan fans love Mitch Albom, but he's right. College hoops in this state isn't anything to mess with right now.

Delaware coach Monte Ross takes time to laugh about Michigan State game now -- while he still can | MLive |

Thanks to this guy, Linking Laconically might even feel a little bad after trouncing Delaware.

NCAA bracket predictions: Picks based on college football | SB Nation |