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Linking Laconically Is Putting the Pressure on Keith and Adreian

Keith and Adreian feel the Payne to get to a Final Four, and more in today's links.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Pete here. Jeremy had some links up, but his internet is out currently, so I'm filling in the rest of the space.

The NCAA Tournament begins tonight with the play-in games. The only beef I really have with these play-in games is that the NCAA is calling them the first round, which means the real first round is called the second round. I now refer to that first/second round as the "Round of 64", which is a bit unwieldy. Do the right thing NCAA. Make things us easier on bloggers.

Michigan State's famous Final Four guarantee puts program pressure on Keith Appling and Adreian Payne | MLive |

Linking Laconically wants a Final Four this year for their sake more than anything.

Tom Tolbert Podcast | Stationcaster |

Draymond Green talks MSU basketball for a bit right at the beginning.

Ranking the NCAA Tournament coaches by playing career, 1-68 | CBS Sports |

Izzo is higher than I expected.

Blue Hens will head west to face Michigan State

Some more info on MSU's second round opponent (THERE THAT IS AGAIN) from the Blue Hens' local newspaper.

Peaking Spartans popular pick to win NCAA tourney

I do not feel good about that one bit. There's no more room on this bandwagon, but Kansas's looks nice and empty, bettors.