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How You Can Help Lacey Holsworth

The friendship between Lacey Holsworth and Adreian Payne has been the heartwarming story of the season. Here's how you can help.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of good things have come out of the current Spartans' basketball season. Undoubtedly the most heartwarming story to gain national recognition is the friendship of Adreian Payne and Lacey Holsworth, an 8-year old Spartan fan suffering from neuroblastoma, a form of cancer that affects about 650 people in the United States every year, most of them children.

Lacey's gotten a lot of support these last few months. That's great! I know when I was 8, I was most concerned with finding all three warp whistles in Super Mario 3. To have to endure numerous chemotherapy treatments, as well as paralysis for a couple put it lightly, it's difficult. Lacey's tough though, so she made it through, and although she still has rough days (she had a seizure on Tuesday), she's enduring with tenacity, style, and grace.

Here at The Only Colors, we want to create a page that serves two purposes - to let people know where they can send Lacey messages of support, and how they can donate money in the most efficient way possible to cover her medical expenses. This is who you can do that.

- I want to let Lacey know that she's awesome, tough, and that she'll kick cancer's butt.

Absolutely! You can follow her on Twitter: @adorablelacey. If you're interested in following her on Instagram, you can also do so by clicking on this link.  You can also send her an e-mail as well; her address is I haven't been able to find an official Facebook page for Lacey yet. If you know it, post it in the comments and I'll put it up.

- I want to donate money directly to Lacey's family to support her medical expenses.

Also absolutely! If you want to donate directly by mail, here's the address:

Lacey Holsworth

P.O. Box 101

St. John's, MI, 48879

If you want to donate online, there's a way to do that too, by clicking on this link. Note: the operating company (Give Forward) collects a small percentage to cover operating fees. Luckily, you can choose to donate a little extra to cover that fee so 100% of the money goes to cover Lacey's expenses.

If you have any other fundraisers that will help Lacey, please post them in the comments! The ones I listed were the ones I am sure will give money to Lacey's family in the most efficient way possible, and the last thing I want to do is publicize a scam. This is all about ensuring a brave Spartan continues to receive the outpouring of support from around the nation. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and even if we can't cure cancer completely, we can let a girl continue to know we support her in this time.