Big Ten Tournament Seeding Tables

I'm still working on the full odds breakdown (which will hopefully be up Tuesday morning), but here are links to the seeding scenario tables for the top half and bottom half of the Big Ten. (Warning: both images are quite large.)

As a reminder, tiebreakers are: head-to-head among all tied teams, then record against the top team (or set of tied teams), then the next one, and so on all the way down the list.

Some highlights:

  • Michigan has not quite clinched the 1 seed yet; there are a few scenarios where Wisconsin can take it from them.
  • Wisconsin has clinched a bye. MSU can do so with a win, an Iowa loss, or a Nebraska loss.
  • Iowa can end up anywhere from the 3 seed to the 7.
  • Nebraska could finish as high as the 2 seed or as low as the 7.
  • Indiana can be anywhere from the 4 seed to the 11.
  • Penn State is the only one of the bottom teams that cannot earn the 7 seed.
  • There are several possible ties in the bottom half that depend on games among the top half that aren't even included on the lower-half spreadsheet. Haven't gone into full details on these yet because the scenarios are just too complex. (There may be a couple that are already solved that I missed.)

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