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Linking Laconically wants more effort

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

After saying yesterday that it's time to dive head first in to football and forget about basketball for a while, future manchild Marvin Clark signed on the dotted line, and Kenny Goins expressed how long he's been dreaming of playing basketball for MSU. That's what happens when you're an #allsportsschool, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Narduzzi far from satisfied with Michigan State's defense in spring | Lansing State Journal |

Is he ever satisfied?

Spartans offense says it can take lead | ESPN |

I don't see why not.

NCAA modifies roughing the passer rule for hits below the knees | CBS Sports |

Curse you, Tom Brady.

Bracelets, T-shirts honor 'Princess Lacey'; all proceeds go to MSU super fan's family | Detroit News |

Once again, well done, students.

Marvin Clark signs with MSU basketball: 'He has a Big Ten-ready body,' says Tom Izzo | Detroit Free Press |

This kid is going to be a steal.

Kenny Goins' dream comes true by walking on at Michigan State | Lansing State Journal |

Love his drive.