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Linking Laconically Is Taking a Moment to Remember

We send off Lacey with a celebration.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The celebration of Lacey Holsworth's life was last night at the Breslin Center. It featured a bible reading from Travis Trice, a moment of silence dunk, and a 43-minute video that told the story of Lacey's life.  Here's what I think:

- There will now be a moment of silence dunk at my funeral.

- It was a fantastic way to say goodbye to someone who meant so much to the Spartan community.

- No matter if the tribute to Lacey on The Rock is painted is over, or when the next season starts, or the tenth season, or the fiftieth, the immediacy and intensity of the emotions felt last night will ensure Lacey is not forgotten.

Here's some links to kick off the weekend:

Thousands attend Lacey Holsworth celebration at MSU: She 'brought so much light to so many of us' | Detroit Free Press |

Once again, Rexrode works his magic, summing up an event for those of us who couldn't be there.

The Big Ten welcome guide: What Maryland and Rutgers fans need to know -

I wrote the MSU part of this. Note that the "STATE" part of Michigan State is not optional, and BTN needs to play the Korie Lucious game once every three months at a minimum.

Baseball Travels to First-Place Indiana - Michigan State Official Athletic Site

The Big Ten's two best pitching staffs face off in Bloomington this weekend.

Jim Delany: No matter how many teams it adds, the Big Ten's name will likely never change |

There's an easy way to fix it - just send the worst teams down to the MAC after each year. Done and done.

The #AskEmmert Q&A Is Going Poorly (Note - Deadspin link, so it may be NSFW)

NCAA President Mark Emmert went onto Twitter this morning to hold a Q&A. It went as well as you'd expect.